The iProperty Group and The Asian Property Market

Over the last few months, there have been numerous reports flooding the main stream and online media with predictions of the property market in Asia. Given the slowing demand from key trading partners, the United States and Europe, the Asian economy was set to take a downturn.

As we serve an ever-growing number of consumers, agents and developers, we leveraged on our market leading websites in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Singapore as a bellwether to gauge the opinions of thousands of consumers in the region on the property market.

Conducted from November 2011 to January 2012 and gathering a total of 8,499 respondents, the first cross market online property survey of its kind revealed that despite the worldwide economic uncertainty, a majority of these survey respondents had optimistic views on the property market in Asia.

Across the four countries surveyed, the survey respondents had somewhat more in common than they had differences. The key similarities include:

  • Majority of people answering the survey in each country had occupied their current premises for less than five years
  • Economic and political concerns were not high on the list of concerns for most survey respondents
  • Location and price were the two most important factors taken into account in purchasing property, while political/economic climate and recommendations from family and friends were the least important.

During the launch of the survey, I was asked, “What is the most important factor to consider before investing in property?” To which I responded three factors – LOCATION, LOCATION and LOCATION!

Why? Because location is the most important factor that property investors look into as it ultimately will help determine how much yield you get, and how much capital growth. So before deciding on purchasing or investing in any property, do your research. Study the amenities, accessibility to public transportation, schools and etc.

So it wasn’t a surprise that location was one of two key factors that respondents considered important.

A key difference across the region was in the type of property these respondents preferred. The survey findings showed that landed property was the most popular type of property that respondents in Malaysia and Hong Kong favoured. In Singapore, private condominiums were the most popular type of property, while houses were the most popular in Indonesia.

It was also interesting to note that most of the survey respondents in each country had only been in their current premises for five years or less. Another key distinction was that when it came to ownership of properties, over 40% of Malaysian’s surveyed reported owning two or more properties, a higher proportion than in any other country. Hong Kong survey participants had the fewest property owners.

On the overseas property front, Singaporeans showed a higher interest than respondents from Malaysia, Indonesia and Hong Kong, with a majority choosing Malaysia and Australia as their most preferred overseas locations.
Malaysians on the other hand preferred Australia, Singapore and United Kingdom as their preferred overseas destination of investment, with many citing migration or retirement plans as the main reason of purchase.

To learn more about these findings, you can download a full copy of this report by clicking here –

The survey report has offered us valuable insights of the property market and I trust that you too will find this report highly beneficial as it offers an unbiased view on the Asian property market.

Enjoy the weekend! Asia Property Market Sentiment Report 2012

In December last year, many of you participated in Asia Property Market Sentiment Survey, which resulted in this Report. We thank you for making this Report so great, filled with insights that we’re sure will help you make better property decisions – here and overseas.

As the first regional online property survey of its kind, the Asia Property Market Report comprises of 7,720 responses from website visitors and subscribers of iProperty Group networks in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Hong Kong. The survey revealed a common thread amongst property buyers throughout the region, but also key country-specific findings.

Did you know?

“85.6% of respondents in Singapore deemed affordability and
rising housing prices as the top 2 issues in the property market.”

“42.2% of Singaporean users in the survey showed interest in overseas property,
citing Malaysia and Australia as their most preferred overseas locations.”

“Over half (51.7%) of Singapore buyers has a budget of
between SGD 500,000 to SGD 1 million.”

” Two-thirds (66.4%) felts that the Singapore property market is holding
up well despite the threat of a global recession.”

” 58.3% agreed that the government should
step in to control COV on HDB flats.”


Download the full 65-page Report now.


The iProperty Group – Changing The Future Today

I was recently browsing through a website and came across this quote by Mahatma Gandhi – “The future depends on what you do today”. It truly is an interesting quote and one that has profound meaning!

As a company that strives to continuously seek ways to further enhance the property search experience, we at the iProperty Group spend hours on research and development to deliver only the best in innovation to our valued consumers, agents and developers.

Mahatma Gandhi – “The future depends on what you do today”

The quote by this legendary man, who is considered the father of the Indian independence movement, aptly puts things in perspective. The future truly does depend on what we do today.

Visionaries such as Steve Jobs thought about the future and developed tools and apps that have enormously transformed the way mobile phone, desktops and laptops functions. He thought ahead and saw the needs and demands of the people and developed the right tools to meet these needs.

The iProperty Group is part of that future thinking group. What started out as an idea nine years ago, has since changed the way properties are listed, searched and bought. Our forward thinking has enabled us to develop innovative tools that now enables consumers to search for properties directly from their mobile phones, tablets and even desktops, and all at the their own convenience.

“Be hungry. Be foolish,” the late Steve Jobs admonished the world.

Our one-stop search platform also makes it easy for consumers to make an informed decision as they are provided with up-to-date news on the property industry.

Believing in a dream and seeing it true is also a key fundamental in any successful venture. Having the can do attitude and the determination is just as crucial.





So, think ahead and in the wise words of Mahatma Gandhi – “The future depends on what you do today”, so think ahead and start working towards a better future today!

We at the iProperty Group are.

Have a great weekend!

iProperty Group Adopts a Mobile First Approach

It’s February and what an exciting month it is!

I am thrilled to announce that we launched our new mobile strategy and development team. The formation of the new team is in line with our company’s objective of becoming an organisation that is mobile-first in its outlook.

The team, comprising of experts and headed by Michael Ong, will be in charge of developing innovative mobile products for customers and consumers across the group’s core markets – Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Singapore.

The team will also be responsible for the Group’s presence on all non-computer platforms – mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, smart televisions and other devices.

The iProperty Group has and will always be committed to enhancing the experience of our property buyers and investors, including meeting the future needs of our customers and consumer.

We have a lot of interesting things in the pipe line, so do stay tuned!

Aside from that, tomorrow also marks World Cancer Day.  It’s a day where the world unites together in the fight again the global cancer epidemic. To all fighting the battle, I pray that you combat the disease successfully!

Enjoy the weekend!