Hold your horses. Review and compare before you decide.

Yes! The process of searching for an ideal place now is made so much easier with the all new iProperty.com.  Need to be convinced? You’ve got to try it yourself  and experience it! Here’s another reason why you should try out our website.


No fear if  you’re an amateur in property hunting. Here’s a flashback to the quick guide we went through previously: 3 ways to make good use of the whole new, much powerful search at iProperty.com.

So now that you have entered and select  your unique search criteria, it’s time to fired off the search button.  Our seamless system will now do it’s job and ready to return you with thousands of  relevant, matching information within seconds!

Better and cleaner display of relevant information on listing details

We hope you’ll find it more useful with the number of bedroom and bathroom indicated by clean and neat logos, clearer placement of information such as Location. Price psf and Built up area. At one glance, we’re included the fundamental details for you in a neat, compact  and summarized listing.

And that’s not all.

Several fans on our Facebook page have discussed and highlight about what they tend to look out for when they search for a property. And we have been listening. Here’s the fresh new property page!

More images provided by our helpful agents, amenities details which comes useful in case you are researching on a new estates/ districts.

And there’s definitely more elaborated details in full descriptions, useful tools such as property trends and mortage calculator which we ain’t got to show you here. We’ve already revealed enough goodies for you, so go on and explore to discover more useful functions!

Hold on hold on, there’s something one more good news to share!

New launch properties showcase 

 Choose LIKE A BOSS.

Information on newly lauched properties are now displayed in a better and fresher style! With this, you will never risk that dream house you’ve always wanted!

At iProperty.com, you can always expect that things will evolve and continue to change! Be sure to try us out and let us know how to improve better in serving your needs.

We will be sharing more tips on the newly revamped iProperty.com website. Stay tune!

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