Searching for a Place is Easy with the Revamped!

With new revamped website, you can now have a better search experience! Try the new search box and perform a keyword search using property name, block / street name, postal codes etc. Here’s another reason why you should try out the whole new RIGHT NOW!



Searching for a place is easy with the revamped Here are 3 ways you can make good use of the whole new search experience at!

Keyword search using property name, block, street name, postal code etc 


That’s right, whether you are renting or buying, simply type in a keyword eg: Property name, Block/Street name or Postal Code.

Other than keywords such as property name, block / street name or postal codes, feel free to try out other search fields  to your liking.

Search by MRT, Schools made simpler 

Singapore has one of the most advanced public transport system in the world and most definitely, users like you will find it useful to search properties by the nearest MRT stations. Taking note of this need, users can now jump right into searching by MRT at our homepage! Not to mention schools around the area. Have you spotted this cool new function?

Search by MRT

Search by selecting multiple districts & properties type 

You must be wondering why these functions never existed in any property portals in Singapore. Well, now you have it. Thrilled? Now you can search for more than 1 districts or locations and more than 1 type of properties. Be spoilt with what you can do at the newly revamped search box.

Search by Multiple Districts

Search by Multiple Districts


Search by Property Type

Search by Property Type

At, you can always expect that things will evolve and continue to change! Be sure to try us out and let us know how to improve better in serving your needs.

We will be sharing more tips on the newly revamped website. Stay tune!

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