5 Great Windows Phone Apps To Make Property Hunting Easier

If you’ve been wondering about how your Nokia Windows Lumia phone will be able to help you in your property search, you’ve come to just the right place. Here’s a quick review on some of the most promising apps available in the Windows Phone Marketplace, guaranteed to help make your new home hunting an enjoyable experience.

Fengshui Kua Finder

The Fengshui Kua Finder, a free app, is the closest you will get to an actual consultation with Fengshui master on your phone. To get started, you’re asked to fill in your birth date, gender and name, and your “kua” number will be automatically calculated. Once you’ve got this, you can also slide to view  your most favorable directions within the app, and read more about what facings to avoid. This app is especially useful when you are looking to position important furniture pieces such as your office desk or bed, as it provides a handy “kua” chart you can refer to anytime you want to plan out the layout of your home. Fortunately, the app also allows you to save the details of your reading, so you don’t have to key in your personal details each time. The app is also chock-full of valuable information such the philosophy about Fengshui, as well as what the significance of your personal “kua”.


Home Decorator

Perfect for those planning the theme and style of their new homes, Home Decorator is a powerful creative app tool will allow you to not only take photographs of any space, but also choose different colors from an extensive color pallet for rooms and objects with a single touch. The unique features of this app is especially useful for larger areas such as the living room, as the flexibility of Home Decorator allows you to experiment with a variety of colors for different walls (tangerine orange, anyone?) before you even have to pull out your paint brush!

Home Affordability

Rich in features, the Home Affordability app will help you compare your debt-to-income ratio to so you can calculate the affordability of your dream home.  It gives you the option of inputting the current interest rate and choosing a 15 or 30 year mortgage before allocating 31% of your income toward your house payment. The app allows you to enter any savings you want to set aside monthly for incidental expenses, so you don’t stretch yourself too thin by taking on too large a home loan. By taking into account all your future income and spending, this app is an essential tool for helping you visualize your current and future financial position before you commit to a housing mortgage.


While searching for a new home, many Singaporeans consider easy accessibility to good food almost as important as the transportation network. To help you scope out the eating options in the area, GuidePal’s “online maps” function will zoom in on your location to let you know where are the closest F&B outlets in the area, shopping malls as well as popular tourist attractions the region. While trying GuidePal out in the Bukit Timah area, GuidePal was able to recommend the Dulukala Peran restautant located at Beauty World, famous for its Beef Rendang and Ikan Bakar, both considered to be one of the best in Singapore. For vegetarians, GuidePal picked up on the Original Sin restaurant in the Holland Road area, well known for its delicious middle-eastern flavored Mousakka. To make things even easier for you, the “call” and “show map” functions make it effortless for you to quickly make a reservation and find your way there in a breeze.

iProperty.com Singapore

With no registration required, the free iProperty app is the virtual 24-7 real estate agent you always wish you had. You can use the “Find Properties” function to pair you with “for sale” and for “for rent” real estate listings which fit your search criteria.

By taking your requirements into consideration, the app displays a full list of the properties on the market meeting your search criteria. This means that if you are only interested in “4 room HDB flats” in Bukit Merah, that is all you will see.  Using GPS, the app determines your position and displays a live map of the nearby listings of properties for rent on sale on the screen.

Want to find out more details of a particular property? The “Call Agent” function allows you to directly call, SMS or email the marketing agent via a direct touch button. Other functions from the home page, such as the Condo and Agent Directories and Property News  help to make your property search smooth and hassle-free, making this app a must-have for those serious about being a winner in the property market.

iProperty.com Singapore on TODAY Newspapers – How to Read a QR Code

Have you seen iProperty.com Singapore’s property classified ads on TODAY, the nation’s most-read free newspaper? If you have not, grab your copy every Friday before you head to work for the morning edition, or when you are heading out to lunch for the afternoon edition.

If you didn’t get your hands on one of the 300,000 copies in the MRT stations, below your condominium or landed property, in selected petrol kiosks and convenience stores, fret not! We’ve made it easy for you with a downloadable version. Download a copy now before you head out house-hunting over the weekend.

You must wondering what that black little square at the corner of each property classified ad is. It’s called a QR Code (or Quick Response Code).  It is a type of matrix barcode, which can direct you to virtually any type of data – and of course, websites.

For smartphone users, the reading and scanning of the QR code is made simple, fast and convenient. Below are some suggested free iPhone, iPad and Android apps that can help you to read those codes we have included to make your property search seamless and easy. Simply launch the app, hold your phone camera over the QR code and see these apps go to work!

iPhone & iPad

QR Reader for iPhone

Auto-detect scanning. Simply hold and point. You can even share the results of the QR scan on Facebook, Twitter or FourSquare. Gone are the days when you have to remember long URLs. 

Android Phones & Tablets

QR Droid

Similar to QR Reader for iPhone, this app allows your Android camera to scan the code before giving you a preview of the webpage. You can also share across social media channels.

 Enjoy! And good luck with the house-hunting this weekend!

iProperty Group Adopts a Mobile First Approach

It’s February and what an exciting month it is!

I am thrilled to announce that we launched our new mobile strategy and development team. The formation of the new team is in line with our company’s objective of becoming an organisation that is mobile-first in its outlook.

The team, comprising of experts and headed by Michael Ong, will be in charge of developing innovative mobile products for customers and consumers across the group’s core markets – Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Singapore.

The team will also be responsible for the Group’s presence on all non-computer platforms – mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, smart televisions and other devices.

The iProperty Group has and will always be committed to enhancing the experience of our property buyers and investors, including meeting the future needs of our customers and consumer.

We have a lot of interesting things in the pipe line, so do stay tuned!

Aside from that, tomorrow also marks World Cancer Day.  It’s a day where the world unites together in the fight again the global cancer epidemic. To all fighting the battle, I pray that you combat the disease successfully!

Enjoy the weekend!

Exclusively for iProperty.com.sg members – Enjoy S$50 off these mobile phones from SingTel

From the good people at SingTel, enjoy S$50 off these mobile phones from Singtelshop.com, exclusively for members of iProperty.com Singapore. Three beautiful handsets are on offer and we are liking them! If you are getting an Android phone, how sweet would it be to shave off S$50 just like that? The offer is limited and you must hurry before they are fully redeemed!

And to search for properties on your Android phone while you are on-the-go, head over to here to download iProperty.com.sg Android app.

iProperty Group at AppsWorld Asia 2011 – Mobile Apps Strategy & Product Development

iProperty.com Singapore presented at the AppsWorld Asia 2011 on 2 September at Suntec City Convention Centre. Our Country Manager, Glenn Thompson and myself shared with marketers, apps developers, content managers and social media specialists on iProperty Group‘s strategic perspective on mobile apps and product development, and how this has helped you, our dear consumers, and our agent customers to achieve more, and make your life easier.

Here’s a look into our mobile’s present and near future. Mobile is not the future. It is NOW.

View more presentations from Michael Ong

iProperty.com Singapore launches Android app

iProperty.com.sg enhances property search experience with new app for Android phones
Android phone users can now search over 70,000 properties in Singapore

Singapore’s number one property website, iProperty.com.sg, today launched a new mobile phone application for Android smartphones, further demonstrating the company’s commitment to innovation for property buyers and investors in Singapore.

The new app now enables Android smartphone users with the convenience of searching through over 70,000 properties in Singapore anytime and anywhere. This follows several other innovations introduced by iProperty.com Singapore earlier this year, such as the Property Trend Widget, an analytical tool available on the website that delivers real-time property price information and movements. The iProperty.com.sg portal is also accessible via iPhone and iPad apps as well as via a mobile-friendly version for use on all smartphones. Together with the new Android app release, iProperty.com Singapore demonstrates a clear commitment to helping property buyers to easily search for property whilst on the go.

“Our company aims to always be at the forefront of innovation”, says Shaun Di Gregorio, iProperty Group CEO. “The launch of the Android app is a significant milestone for us. Smartphone users account for over 10% of the total website traffic to iProperty.com.sg, and we believe this figure will grow to at least 15% by early next year as smartphone penetration in Singapore is set to increase,” Di Gregorio stated.

According to a recent survey by The Nielson Company, four in 10 online consumers, who claim they do not own a smartphone, said they will or are likely to buy one in 2011, with 39% of online consumers indicating they intend to purchase a smartphone within the next 12 months.

“Our agent customers are also major beneficiaries of our innovative approach,” says Di Gregorio. “We will shortly launch a mobile version of iRealtor, our key advertising management system that over 14,000 Singapore property agents use to upload their advertisements and pictures. Our commitment as the number one property portal group in Asia is to be at the cutting edge for our consumers and agent customers,” adds Di Gregorio.

In June, the iProperty Group announced additional investment of S$11.6 million by SeLoger.com, France’s number one ranked property portal. This investment validates the  iProperty Group’s direction and its clear leadership position in Asia where it operates market leading property portals in Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong and Indonesia.

The new app for Android phones can be downloaded at https://market.android.com/details?id=sg.com.iproperty

Using an iPhone? Or an iPad? We’ve got you covered too!